How Kevin Costner Made Me Go Back to School

I sat out of my second year with the Westshore Rebels. They were going to use me in the same way they did the year before and I didn’t like it. I decided my time with football was done and it was time to focus on work. At the time I was a Lead-Hand Ironworker for LMS. I worked 11.5 hour days with one half an hour break at 11:30. I would wake up at 6am and work until 5:30pm. I was getting really good at what I did, but I got tired of it quickly. My Foreman began to talk about starting up his own company and bringing me along to help run it. If everything went smoothly I would’ve been part owner of a construction company by the time I was 20.

The movie Draft Day came out in 2014 and I’m so thankful it did. The scene in the picture above shows Kevin Costner making a trade with the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Draft. Upon completion of the trade he hangs up the phone and says “God I love this job.”

I then thought to myself, “I wanna love my job…. Why can’t I love my job?”

After a couple weeks of soul searching and planning I decided I wanted to return to the Rebels for my third season, and pursue a career in Football. At first I wanted to be a scout. Once I got back into coaching I realized what I really wanted to do. As I was looking at Head Coaching jobs at the University level, I realized they all required you to have a bachelors degree in “something relevant.” I figured I knew a decent base of the football side of things, enough to start coaching at least. I needed to learn the business end of running my own program. And that led me to Camosun’s Sport Management Program.



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